If you’re a resident of Alberta, and you are injured outside of the province or country, there are steps you can take to find legal representation.

When you are injured in another Province, that Province will have their own legislation surrounding motor vehicle accident claims.

Some Provinces such as British Columbia have legislation allowing personal injury claims for motor vehicle accident injuries. Other provinces, such as Saskatchewan have ‘no fault’ regimes that don’t allow injured people the right to sue for injuries suffered in motor vehicle claims.

If you reside in Alberta and are injured elsewhere, contact a lawyer in Alberta first to see if they are able to practice law in the other Province (many Alberta lawyers can also practice law in British Columbia, for example). Even if the lawyer in Alberta is unable to act for you with respect to your injuries in the other Province, they may be able to refer you to a colleague in that other Province. The same kind of referral may be possible if you’re injured in another country, particularly the United States.