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Brian Conway has practiced in injury law for over 30 years in Calgary. When you’re hurt in a car accident, seek strong and experienced legal counsel to look after your best interests. Trust Brian’s wealth of experience battling insurance companies, and the overwhelming number of positive reviews from past clients. Your case is a priority; let Brian represent you.

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Experience in Litigation Matters

“I have decades of personal injury and motor vehicle accident experience. My primary area to serve Calgarians is in injury litigation. It’s what I do best and why I handle all of my own files. Trust my expertise to lead your case and protect your rights.” – Brian Conway


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Areas of Personal Injury Expertise

Personal Injury

Personal injury law including slip and fall, car accidents, and head injuries. Send us details about your case.


Injured in a motor vehicle accident? As our primary area of expertise, rest assured we will fight for your rights and obtain what you deserve.

Head & Neck Injuries

Head, neck, brain injuries, and WAD are cases we routinely handle. Take the important step to find exceptional legal help. Contact us with your case.

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We aim to provide personal care and attention to the specific needs of our clients when they visit our boutique style law firm. We take pride in ensuring you feel comfortable when visiting our office, never ‘screen’ our calls, and consider your success a measure of our success. We will provide exceptional legal guidance in your time of need.

From Past Injury Clients

From our clients. Read our extensive list of Google Reviews (98% approval rating) for more.

The legal process following an accident can be daunting. For my family it took some time to heal, so it was important for our legal team to stay on top of matters. A weight off our shoulders knowing we were in good hands. Thank you Brian and team!

Sarah P

Brian is tenacious and that’s exactly what you want when facing the insurance companies. His experience was invaluable on more than one occasion. Can’t recommend enough!

Peter L

After my winter accident, I contact Conway Law to handle my case. They were exceptional in every way and obtained more than what I expected in settlement. Thank you.

Dinu M

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Should you keep a diary of your injuries?

Clients will often ask me whether they should keep a record or a diary of their injuries and their treatment and I always tell them ‘no don't do that’. People tend to be very good writing in the diary for the first few weeks or the first couple of months but over time...

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How much can I expect from an injury claim?

How much can I expect from an injury claim?

Thanks for joining me to talk about valuing a claim. People often ask me what their claim is worth - the short answer is it depends. It depends on the extent of their injuries, it depends upon how long they're in treatment and the extent to which they recover from...

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Injury Law: Will my case go to trial?

Injury Law: Will my case go to trial?

In this video I answer a question people often ask me, "will my case go to trial?" The short answer to that is probably not. I base that on the reality that only about half of 1% of all cases go to trial. The reason for that is that people simply don't want to leave...

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Explaining Section B Benefits

Explaining Section B Benefits One of the things you should be aware of if you're in an accident is that you are entitled to Section B benefits under your own insurance policy. Every single insurance policy in Alberta has a Section A,...

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