If you own an expensive or new vehicle (or both) you may be concerned about the value of your vehicle following a collision, even after it has been repaired. Insurance companies are obligated to fix your vehicle and make you whole again after an accident. But chances are that a car with an accident history will be worth less than before. If you have a unique or expensive vehicle the loss could be substantial.

In a case in Alberta,Bottom’s Up Drilling Fluids Consulting Ltd. v. Zelema, 2016 ABPC 99, Judge J.D. Holmes stated that :

The law does not require that the Plaintiff demonstrate the amount of the loss precisely by having sold the vehicle or, by extension, by having plans to sell the vehicle. It is enough for the owner to establish the reduction in its value at the time immediately after the accident

If your vehicle’s value has diminished or if the repairs have not been done properly, you may be entitled to Damages to compensate the loss. A starting point is to read the Bottom’s Up Drilling Fluids case (above) and consider the decision of Judge Holmes. Contact me with further inquiry on your loss.