It is never surprising how many times we receive phone calls from people stating that their own insurance company is refusing to pay for treatments, or that their insurance company is hassling them daily for information.

It may come as a shock when your insurance company isn’t helpful and makes the process after an accident overwhelming. However, remember that they’re a business and in it for the money – paying out money to you for treatments, hurts their bottom line. It is in their interest to deny or approve as few payments as they can. Insurance companies and their shareholders make money when they bring in premiums (profit) and pay out as little as possible in claims (expenses).

If you feel your treatment will go longer than your insurance believes, or at any point during your recovery you feel your rights are being diminished, it’s time to consult a lawyer.

Consulting a personal injury lawyer is a step to ensure you have adequate representation for your needs. You will develop peace of mind having someone guide you through the process, advise you on what you are entitled to, and ensuring the insurance companies remain ‘honest’ to your needs.

If you’re feeling pressured and bullied by an insurance company, consult a lawyer.