We often have clients ask when they call “Is it even worth it? I don’t have any broken bones…”. The problem with the first diagnosis is, sometimes issues arise after some time or sometimes the diagnosis is simply wrong. We have many clients who were initially misdiagnosed, but were persistent with their doctors that something was wrong and more often than not, they were right.

In many cases, victims of car accidents are told that their injuries are ‘minor’ because they ‘only’ have whiplash. Soft tissue injuries, such as whiplash, can often lead to long-term issues and chronic pain. This, in turn, can result in costly and recurring treatment. If the injury continues and becomes chronic, your everyday life and work could become affected. These ongoing effects of can result in periodic or ongoing loss of income and out of pocket expenses. Even if no time is lost from work initially, if you have ongoing chronic symptoms/pain, our courts can compensate for the future ‘loss of economic capacity’. This sort of award takes into account the fact that your injuries will limit the types of employment that you might be able to do in the future, as well as future periods of potential unemployment due to the ongoing nature of the injury.

Before you dismiss your injuries as ‘no big deal’, call a lawyer to discuss so-called ‘capped’ injuries.