If you are injured in a car accident, you have a responsibility to fill in a claim form with your insurer (or the insurer of the driver of the vehicle you were in if you were a passenger) in order to be reimbursed for certain types of treatment.

The Automobile Accident Insurance Benefits Regulations, Alta. Reg. 352/1972 provides for a procedure whereby you are to be given a “prescribed claim form” (Section B (1.1)) by your own insurance compnay. You are then supposed to send the completed form to your insurer to make a claim (Section B (3)).

Note that the form has certain mandatory contents, but other parts that are not mandatory: The completed prescribed claim form must include (a) details of the injury, and (b) details of the accident that are within the personal knowledge of the insured person. By implication, all other information on the “completed prescribed claim form” is not required (would not invalidate the form). The “prescribed claim form” may request additional information, but the regulation only makes the details of the injury and accident necessary.

The moral of the story is that insurance companies regularly ask for information to which they may not be entitled (by law) and that providing that additional information to them will rarely be of any benefit to you as an insured/injured person. If you are in doubt about what to fill in and what not to fill in, call us.