One of the common side-effects of injuries is a reduced ability to deal with the ordinary every-day stresses of life. You may find yourself less able to deal with things that would normally not be much of a problem. Many of my clients find that because much of their energy is spent dealing with injuries that are ‘unseen’, spouses and significant others do not understand why the injured person is unable to cope. With soft-tissue injuries there is no blood or broken bones for others to see. It is important for spouses and significant others to be supportive and empathetic and recognize that although motor vehicle injuries are often ‘unseen’ they are very much real.

The injuries can (and often do) result in an inability to deal with daily events and there can be large swings in emotional well-being as the injured person deals with pain, lack of sleep, headaches etc. in addition to the normal stresses of every-day life. Couple that with the process of litigation which can take time, clients should prepare for a journey, not a sprint.

Here is one client and her review after working with us on her injury case.

Brian and his team are thorough and easy to deal with. Brian makes what is normally a stressful process easy due to his vast experience and good nature – he was always willing to spend the time to answer my questions and ensure I had the information I needed. And, he never made me feel pressured or rushed. If I ever need this type of assistance again, I wouldn’t go anywhere else but to Brian Conway.